Fundraising for the Medical Aid for Poland Fund (registered in England as charity no. 284461)


If you are looking for a unique present or an artwork to decorate your home – look no further. A painting of fruit in vivid colours to brighten up your kitchen? A Christmas present for a cat lover? A gift for an accountant? A devotional picture to commemorate a special religious occasion? Or, perhaps, nostalgic black-and-white photographic records of bygone times? We have it all! Buy from us with confidence and support the vital charitable work of Medical Aid for Poland Fund – a London-based charity, established in 1981 and still actively helping the sick and most vulnerable in Poland – currently focusing on Ukraine Appeal to aid to those most affected by the horrific war. This catalogue includes original, i.e. unique paintings, drawings, sculptures and mixed media artworks, as well as prints by renowed international artists and amateurs alike. Prices start as low as £10. See conditions of sale. Thanks for visiting!



The Medical Aid for Poland Fund wishes to thank the artists and owners of the donated artworks for their support. Generous buyers are invited to ensure this support goes further.

  • Curated for the Medical Aid for Poland Fund by Anna Bentkowska-Kafel
  • Images subject to copyright. No image can be copied without permission.

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